Eton Fives at Cambridge

Established in the 1920s, the Cambridge University Eton Fives Club (CUEFC) has always been home to a passionate group of players, several of whom have gone on to become Kinnaird champions.

We also take great pride in our new beginner players and are privileged to support them along their fives journey. We provide inspiring coaching from more experienced players, access to tournaments, as well as a friendly and encouraging fives community to call home. We have seen growing numbers in recent years, and we are particularly proud of the growth and development of our Ladies’ side, where over 50% of the squad only started playing Fives at University.

The Club has use of 3 indoor courts at the University Sports Centre, as well as an outdoor court at Magdalene College.

What is Eton Fives?

Squash, but with gloves

Typically, players will describe Eton Fives as being quite similar to squash. The goal is to score points by striking a ball against a wall in rallies. But there are a number of key differences. For instance, we don’t use a racket in Fives! Instead, you strike the ball with your hands while wearing gloves. No hi-tech equipment is needed so it’s really affordable compared to a lot of other sports.

Another big distinction is in the shape of the court. A fives court is divided into top and bottom halves, or ‘steps’. The three walls of a Fives court are also lined with ledges and there is also an obstacle (and target !) called the buttress which can be found at the base of the top step on the left-hand side.

History of Fives

Eton Fives was developed in the late 19th Century at Eton College, when schoolboys waiting outside the chapel began playing against the chapel walls.