2020-2021 Annual Report

Jun 30 2021

The club is happy to report that despite the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, we are continuing to recruit new players and grow with experience.

This year the annual sports fair was replaced by a virtual fair, with our club submitting a short video to recruit new members. Our subsequent sessions were oversubscribed, and it was wonderful to see new and old faces again on the court. As lockdown restrictions returned, we were unable to practice for the latter half of the term.

Due to the worsening situation of the pandemic in the UK, teaching was moved remote once more in Lent term, causing a further postponement of training as a club. However, as restrictions began to ease, training sessions were organized for our club by the outgoing men’s captain at the Mill Hill courts in the holiday before Easter term.

Thanks to the commitment of the EFA and both Oxford and Cambridge clubs, the Varsity match was arranged to Sunday May 2nd. Despite all the challenges of being unable to continue recruitment, players being stuck in quarantine, and a very limited time on court, our club was able bring a full team to Eton. As always it was a great day of fives, and it was especially good to see the beginner players giving it their best (many of whom had never even been to the sports centre courts!) and having fun.

Credit also to the Magdalene College Eton Fives Club, who stood their ground and ensured the college court was never used as an ‘outdoor weights training gym’ (as was nearly the case at the start of the academic year!) - instead, the Magdalene club has been able to flourish after securing 10 brand new Eton Fives gloves. After providing an invaluable base for Varsity recruitment and training while the sports centre was closed, the college court is now being well used by Magdalene students and their friends. One of the best reactions to an introductory Eton Fives session has been: “I can’t believe I’ve never done this before!”. The outgoing women’s captain intends to continue to the welcome revival of the Magdalene club and we are all grateful to see the historic court gaining more appreciation.

To celebrate the end of the year, a club BBQ was organized by the incoming social secretary – a relaxing way to recoup after exams and we are looking forward to the next time we can meet again as a club!

Thank you and Good Luck!
A huge thank you to the outgoing committee for all of their hard work this year – it has been a challenging year but the fact the club has been able to achieve all that it has is undoubtedly thanks to their commitment. Thank you also to the club members who have continued to show great enthusiasm and dedication to the sport – we hope to see you again soon and wish everyone the best!

Finally, good luck to the incoming committee, who will no doubt continue to do the club proud with all that the coming year brings!

Outgoing committee:
Men’s and Women’s Captains: Nicholas Choustikov and Jessye Tu
Men’s and Women’s Secretaries: Harshil Kalaiya and Sze Lynn Yuen
Junior Treasurer: Arthur Clover
Welfare Officer: Alexander Butcher
Social Secretary: Jivan Navani
Webmaster: Jessye Tu

Incoming committee:
Men’s and Women’s Captains: Dion Huang and Sze Lynn Yuen
Men’s and Women’s Secretaries: Harshil Kalaiya and Jess Marais
Junior Treasurer: Matthew Johnson
Welfare Officer: Jonathon Snell
Social Secretary: Tom Xu
Webmaster: William Hayter-Dalgliesh